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Cleans Faster

Starblast is hard, fine, clean and dense, so it can greatly reduce blasting time when cleaning mill scale, rusted or painted surfaces.

Cleans Better

Starblast produces superior white metal finish, free from dust, oily residue, chlorides, fluorides and free iron.  With Starblast, there is minimum abrasive imbedment.  Typical profiles obtained are 1.8 to 2.7 mil at recommended blasting pressures.  This all leads to fewer coating failures and lower coating consumption.

It's Really Green

Nearly everything we do at Tampa Bay Powder Coating is green.  Not only is our coating process almost 100% biodegradable and 0% landfill, but our Starblast sandblasting process uses less material, so there is less to clean up.

We use less, which gets the job done with less waste:Pic 2