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Give Your Stuff New Life!
Really!  It doesn't matter what it is, along as it's metal.  There are so many things around the home that can take on a second life--or be saved from the dump--by the art of powder coating.  So don't throw it away.  Call us and let us show you all of the different colors and textures available.

Got a Treasured

"Old Friend"

Who Needs

Some Love?

A lot of our  local residential customers come to us for help as their last resort.  And Usually, something has gone terribly wrong with their project.  We think its time to be pro-active!  Look around and see what needs work, and then just bring it in.  If it's metal, we can help!

You'll Save Money

Powder coating can last many, many years.   In almost every case, you'll never have to refinish it !

Bring Us Your Home/Residential Project...
  • Animal Cages

  • Metal Fixtures

  • Metal Furniture

  • Railings & Fences

  • Bicycle Frames

  • Metal Shelving

  • Motorcycle Parts

  • Automotive Parts

  • and More...