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Coatings for Tough Parts
Bring us your gears, your pistons, your shafts, your spines... almost any parts from any industrial machine that requires coating can get the Tampa Bay Powder Coating treatment.  Old parts come out looking just like new.  There's no need to replace parts that aren't worn.  Let us clean it up and give it a second chance.  Call us!


We Can Powder Coat Your Medical Equipment

Tampa Bay Powder Coating is the shop doctors and hospitals trust to provide antimicrobial coatings for their important medical and hospital equipment.  We've been doing medical for years, but now our new line of antimicrobial coatings means the best just got better.  Call us today!


Bring Us Your Industrial Project...
  • Medical Equipment

  • Metal Shelving

  • Assembly Line Parts

  • Automation Parts

  • Machine Parts

  • Any Size Gear

  • Metal Tanks

  • Metal Panels

  • and Much More...