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We Make It Look Good!
Commercial businesses throughout Florida send us their metal and aluminum items to have coated.  That's because they know they can count on us to get their project right.  And they know they can count on us to do it fast--sometimes in just a few days. 
Give us a call and let us help you with your next project.

We're On the Job

You're busy.  So when you need something powder coated quick, you don't have time to wait weeks to get it done-- or worse--ship it off somewhere and pay outrageous shipping costs.  Commerical builders and businesses have trusted our shop for years to do a good job at a fair price and get it back to them quick.


We'll Get It Right or We'll Do It Over

It's our Tampa Bay Powder Coating Guarantee, and nobody else has it.  If isn't right, we'll make it right.   Period.

Bring Us Your Commercial Project...
  • Aluminum Railings

  • Metal Fences

  • Metal Cabinets

  • Metal Furniture

  • Metal Poles

  • Metal Shelving

  • Metal Fixtures

  • and More...